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Pollination Agreement


AND _______________________

The terms of this agreement shall be for the 2007 growing season.


a) The beekeeper shall supply the grower with hives (colonies) of honey bees to be delivered as follows: Approximate date of introduction:    /     /  . Approximate numbers of hives required:____________ Description and location(s) of crop(s).

List Crops

  • ___________________________________________________
  • ___________________________________________________
  • ___________________________________________________
  • ___________________________________________________

    The beekeeper shall locate said bees in accordance with directions of the grower or, if none are given, according to his judgement in providing the maximum pollination coverage. The beekeeper agrees to provide colonies of the following minimum standards: Disease-free colonies with a laying queen as evidenced by brood frames with brood and frames covered with adult bees; single story 8 frame hives. The beekeeper agrees to open and demonstrate the strength of colonies randomly selected by the grower.

    The beekeeper agrees to maintain the bees in proper pollinating condition by judicious inspection, appropriate medication, treatments and adding supers or removing honey as needed.

    The beekeeper agrees to leave the bees on the crop until full petal fall or end of nectar flow as determined by the beekeeper or until traditional germination seasons are complete as determined by beekeeper or grower; which ever comes first.


    The grower agrees to provide a suitable place to locate the hives. The site must be accessible to a truck and other vehicles used in handling and servicing the colonies. The grower must and shall allow the beekeeper entry on the premises at all times. The grower assumes full responsibility for all loss and damage to his fields or crops resulting from the use of trucks or other vehicles in handling and servicing such colonies of honey bees.

    The grower agrees not to apply pesticides toxic to bees to the crop while the bees are being used as pollinators nor immediately prior (1 week), to their movement in the field or orchard if the residue would endanger the colonies. The following pesticides, other agricultural chemicals and methods of application are mutually agreed to be suitable while the bees are on the crop:


  • The grower agrees to properly dispose of all pesticide solutions in such a manner that bees will not be able to contact the material while searching for a water source. The cost of the destruction of beehives as a result of poisoning from any chemicals used, either on owned property or close proximity properties (1 mile) that are not listed in this contract, or any chemicals used in a manner that is not consistent with the label directions, shall be borne by the grower at the rate of $100.00 per hive.

    The grower agrees to give the beekeeper a 72-hour notice if hazardous materials  need to be applied. The cost of moving the bees away from and back to the crop to prevent damage from toxic materials shall be borne by the grower at the rate of $10.00 per hive. PLUS a mileage fee of $ 1.00  per  mile .

    The grower agrees to pay for colonies of bees at the rate of $50.00 per hive, per crop. Payment in full shall be made to the beekeeper at time of delivery unless otherwise stated on this contract.

    Additional moves or setting shall require a fee of $10.00 per hive per move, after original setting. The grower agrees not to touch, open, move, disturb or otherwise harrass any beehives without the express written permission of the beekeeper. The cost of the destruction of beehives due to any vandalism, movement, theft or relocation by trespassers, friends, family, the grower, agent or employees of the grower shall be borne by the grower and/or property owner at the rate of $100.00 per hive. Any actual or potential loss of honey or hive products due to the same shall be equal to double the replacement costs due to potential production loss costs. Not to exceed $500.00 for each hive.
    So, PLEASE for your own safety and fiscal liability and responsibility do not touch the hives in any manner.

    In adddition, the grower agrees to provide adequate watering facilities for the bees if none are available within one half mile of each colony used in pollinating the crop. The grower and/or property owner also agrees to hold harmless and without fault Mattox Farms, it's agents, owners, employees in the event of any stinging incident.



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